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I had another dream, not the same, but another I remember.
It was a pre- and post at a large manor in what I originally thought was the normal world, then found it to be the Digital one. I was with the original Digimon gang (you know, Tai, Sora, Matt, etc etc) and we were spending the weekend there. I hung out with the gang and had a great time, but apparently I had actually fallen asleep and was dreaming within my dreams because I woke up from a loud thundercrash, and instead of it being happy, it was dark and stormy. I grabbed a cloak and raced out of the house into a carriage that had apparently been waiting for me. It took me through the storm to the manor and I jumped out at the entrance. I raced into the manor and looked around. I began recalling that the gang and I had been separated in the manor, and I'd been shoved out by Matt before a black haze had grabbed from us. He'd told me not to come back to look for them, despite how I tried to reach for him, and he to me. I'd blackouted after that.

I could vaguely hear crying and followed towards it. I found the Digimon bound in a small room. After freeing them I asked what happened. They explained that after the separation, Bakemon had overpowered the others, and the Digimon themselves were too tired to fight back well. They didn't know where their partners were, but wanted to come along with me to find them. I agreed and we began to search.
It was Joe and Sora we found first. They were being scared by Bakemon, and apparently their fear was powering some kind of device, though for what, they weren't sure about. I raced in, scaring their captors who left at seeing me in just my cloak, as the Digimon were behind a corner. I freed them and asked where the others were as their Digimon joined with them. They didn't know, only that there was more of the manor to go into. They told me I shouldn't go ahead but I did anyway, knowing the others had to be in the large place somewhere. I found the others in pairs just like Joe and Sora. It was Mimi and Izzy next, followed by T.K. and Tai His crest of courage had been really powerful for energy and I almost didn't make it. T.K. was crying when I told him I hadn't found Matt yet, and when I tried to leave, he insisted on coming. I couldn't turn him down so I nodded and brought him along after telling Tai where the others were.
T.K. and I wandered down a long dark hall, my arm around him to protect him, when I suddenly heard my name. I looked at T.K. and we both knew it wasn't him. We raced down the hall to find Matt covered in a purplish black haze, his wrists bound, strapped in a kneeling position while his energy seemed to be being drained, just as the others had. T.K. tried to rush forward but I held him back, only rushing in myself. I hugged Matt tightly, trying to get him to snap out of it. I eventually gave him a kiss on the cheek, and that seemed to bring him out, though when he looked at me he cried and hugged me tight, and I couldn't help but do the same as T.K. joined us. Our reunion was short-lived however, because the manor began shaking.
We ran out of the room as quickly as possibly and headed for the entrance, even as it cracked and began falling away from the rest of the crumbling building. Matt and T.K. crossed the thresh-hold and I almost did, when something grabbed my leg. I looked back and actually screamed to see it was a full at strength Lord Bakemon, it's claw around my leg. I looked back, screaming to Matt and T.K. to run as they had stopped after hearing me scream. Matt pushed T.K. along and ran back to me, grabbing my arms.
"Matt, please! You have to go!!!"
"I'm not leaving you behind!"
"You have to! He'll drag us both down!:
"No he won't, I won't let him!!"
My grip was beginning to slip from the ledge I had grabbed, a tear falling down my cheek and Matt's as well. When our tears met, his crest began glowing. Gabumon digivoled into WereGarurumon and punched the Bakemon away. I almost fell, but Matt grabbed me and pulled me close as I shook. With Matt's friendship for me powering, he beat the Bakemon. I looked up at Matt, smiling softly, as he gave me a kiss on the lips, and I woke up.

Should I keep doing this? Writing up dreams I remember? Or is it boring to you guys?
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Anna Aurion
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