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Okay, update time! We made it, obviously, though after a long and tiring journey. We had trouble trying to pick up my sister Cierra when the place we wanted to meet, get this, didn't exist! Google Maps lied about the location. After that we had a long drive, but it only got worse when we didn't know about the system they were using for this year. Everything was upside down, left and right, all that stuff. We finally got into our cosplays and people recognized my sister as Belle from Beauty and the Beast and me, as usual, was Dark Mousy. We mostly just walked around, hitting the Dealer Room's and Artist Alley's when we got the system down at last. Things were okay afterwards, we got back to our hotel and relaxed for a little while after our feet were torturing us (mostly my mom and I). We went back for the ball, and it was a bit of a disappointment. We ended up waiting for LittleKuriboh's 18+ panel and it was the laughter we all needed. Tomorrow will be better, at least I hope, because we'll get to see Dan Green! AHHHHHHHH!!!! -faints in bed-

Okay, second day.
OH MY EGYPTIAN GODS! This was CHAOS! There was little to no order, it was worse then yesterday! My group split off into different directions. Where I was: A duel was suppose to happen with Dan Green and Eric Stuart at 1 p.m. We weren't even let in until 1:30, and the panel was 8 minutes! During 2 hours I stood waiting, there was no order at all! This was utter CRAP! I'd been looking forward to it and it was cheesy and short! NOT COOL! I went next to the Q'n'A that the two above had. That was actually fun AND there was ORDER!!! Kinda of. More then there was for the Yu-Gi-Oh duel before. After that was the signing for Dan Green. The wait was outside! In the heat! NOT GOOD EITHER! People were dying out there because of it. It was nice when we finally got to meet Dan Green. He's my idol, and very sweet too! He has nice hugs and makes you feel special :3 That was good. We went back to the hotel after that to rest and relax, which is where we currently are. In about 2 hours we'll be going back up again to play Cards Against Humanity with Samurai Dan and Lady Jillian, along with some more of the guests. Hopefully, this will be fun!

Third day update:
Hey guys, sorry I didn't reply yesterday. Sunday was the only semi-calm day we had, and the day we had to come back home, and I also passed out when I got home. After leaving the hotel, we had to go search around for my friend's camera that had been misplaced the night before. With a helpful staff member and a nice vender, we found it in the larger Dealer's Room. After that, we split ways for taking anime pictures and doing some last minute shopping around (I'm pretty much broke now Sweating a little... All worth it though!) Mom and I sat down to see Samurai Dan and Lady Jillian's last panel, which was a blast! Those two always know how to make people laugh! After that, I went with Alison to meet Eric Stuart one more time, while my sister saved us a spot for "An Hour with Dan Green" panel. All was good, until we almost had a scare from the staff members about being moved. That was revolsed, though we were all still a little shaky, and we continued to wait. We got to go in and I got the courage to ask him for a quick video for my birthday, and he even signed a commissioned picture of Yugi I had gotten (I had LittleKuriboh sign it too!). I cried and I thought I was going to make him cry too. That was good, however there was some bad. His flight had been screwed over and instead of an hour with him, we got about 20 minutes. He looked upset and thought we might all be angry or disappointed with him, but we all assured him we knew it wasn't his doing. The time we had was fun, though I wish we had gotten more. Never the less, we left after last minute picture taking and shopping. We left on the road, dropped my sister off with her roommates, and headed for home. It was after midnight when we finally did and I was dead tired. I said goodbye to my friend and goodnight to my mom, went into my room, got under the covers, and passed out.
Overall, MTAC was an interesting, if not unorganized, convention. I understand now that things were tossed together at the last minute because of a miscommunication, yet another factor, and it couldn't be helped. Even so, some staff were helpful. Brian (dressed as Ron Stoppable), who worked in the Digital Gaming room, and the large guy from Security with the megaphone, were a few of those who made waiting in the long lines a little less bad. I hope things are fixed next year, and I may come back if it's in a different place. I would like to see Dan Green again. He reminds me a lot of Vic actually. Both are humbled by their fans and even get embarrassed by how much they are complimented. Dan Green is very sweet, and you can tell he's true. I'm glad I got to see him.
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Anna Aurion
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happy birthday
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Happy Birthday Hope it was amazing as you are c:
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